The Jargon Generator

My wonderful former colleague, Bob, has just sent a fabulous link on corporate jargon. 

Some thoughtful person called Andrew Davidson has produced a jargon generator for anyone needing to turn plain language into sentences like these; ‘We will revalue our capability to brand without lessening our power to reinvent. We understand that it is better to leverage globally than to maximise intuitively.’

Click here for Andrew’s Gibberish Generator

Bob has also found an interesting clip on You Tube called Corporate Jargon, Lying by Obscurity. This reveals a darker motivation behind the use of such language.


Thanks Bob! You did my work for me this week. In other words, you enabled me to seamlessly leverage my network to enhance capability.

I know I will post up a lot more about jargon as it seems to rile most of you but for today, let me leave the last word to the cartoonist, Sam Gross of the New Yorker. sam gross suggestion box

3 thoughts on “The Jargon Generator”

  1. A recent article described a certain artform as being dematerialised by the digital world and validated through the material presence of an analogue approach. The artist apparently tests accepted typologies by revising the fundamental unity of material and practice. In the dance of both exposure and concealment the artform has a phenomenological exegesis. Can anyone tell me what this means? Grrrrrrrr!!!!

  2. Phenomenological exegesis? Why it’s one of my favourite phrases……….ahem. Priceless example of jargon at its form. Wasn’t there an old saying ‘if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.’

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