CJ Walmsley


I’m a consultant specialising in all aspects of human resources, with a particular focus in the areas of management development, change and employee engagement.

I specialise in; Mediation, Employee Counselling, Workplace Investigations, Performance Management support, and interim HR and Learning and Development management.

How To Be a Decent Boss

We know that the world of organizations and employment is changing, but all managers, in all kinds of business and services, still face the same challenge; how do you get the work done through the efforts of others? Small employers are the norm and it is common to find people dropped into the role of the manager without any guidance about what to do.

In this practical, no-nonsense book, anyone who manages other people, in any kind of business, from supervisor to CEO will find common sense on the typical problems that keep most bosses awake.

How to be a Decent Boss – And Still Get Things Done covers the basics;

This book has emerged out of hundreds of training programmes, meetings and conversations delivered around the world and the thousands of participants who were looking for ideas that might just work.

Recent Blog Posts

I Take My Hat Off

I was in a nice restaurant recently when a man was seated nearby and continued to wear a baseball cap. Didn’t his parents teach him that you never wear a hat at the table? someone asked. Of course, this prompted a familiar conversation called, Don’t People Know This These Days? And then we got stuck […]

Inverted Mentoring

A recent tribute in the Financial Review, What Charlie Munger Taught Me About Life, by Jonathan Shapiro, has made me think about mentoring and having positive role models. Charlie Munger was famous for being Warren Buffet’s sidekick. He passed in 2023, just before his 100th birthday with a net worth estimated at $2.7 billion. It […]

Something for the Silly Season

Any Australian who worked overseas, realised that some of the words we once bandied about in our offices, such as bludger, smoko, yakka, sickie, wowser, and whinger, required a translation. This was also true for phrases such as ‘running around like a blue arsed fly’ or ‘you’ve got Buckley’s,’ as in, you’ve got no chance. […]


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