Keeping Mum

Earlier in my working life, I often caught the train from Euston station in London, to Northampton. Every now and then, an older passenger would lean over to tell me (as we went through Bletchley) that ‘a lot of things went on there during the war, you know.’  This was always said in a hushed, …

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A Summary of Life

My Facebook feed is sending me clips of Dame Edna, and in the middle of the night, I find myself laughing until I cry. I adored Barry Humphries. He had a gift for hearing the vernacular and turning it back on the audience with razor sharp wit. But Barry Humphries was not just Dame Edna …

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Something in the Air

A Jetstar supervisor has recently lost his claim for unfair dismissal, according to a report in the Financial Review, 3rd March. This might not ordinarily be newsworthy, but one of the reasons for his dismissal, was that he failed to report a subordinate who was farting loudly (and often) at work. The subordinate did some …

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