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Dearest Followers

I’m sending A different sort of post this week.

I thought it was time to advertise the second book and so here it is, with the website link attached.  

Decent Boss Cover FINAL

Anyway – if you open my website, you will see me standing on a Perspex platform at the top of a famous building. (What is the city and what is this building? Answers on a postcard).

The last time I looked, my second book could be found on Amazon (US), KOBO, Barnes and Noble and Book Depository.  The prices vary. 

My first book about careers, Your Future Looks Bright, is still available on 

Thanks for all your support and I extend that thank you to the makers of the Perspex as well.

5 thoughts on “The book…”

  1. Congratulations Cheryl I will look forward to the read once I work out where to buy a copy from.
    I really loved your first book! You are one highly intelligent lady xxx 😘

  2. A wonderfully empowering read, and an enjoyable way of treating a serious subject with humour. I loved the quotes from Pam Ayres; Ricky Gervais; Clint Eastwood and others; and find your final chapters on the down-side of inappropriate or difficult teams enlightening, when we are always only ever sold on the benefits of teamwork. I totally agree with your views on Myers-Briggs, and personally learned that an organisation which employed the creatives as well as the INTJs, was the richer for it. Thank you for this gem!!!

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