My name is CJ Walmsley or just Cheryl. Welcome to my Blog. It is all about rational optimism and hope for the workplace.

If you like to deal honestly with your colleagues the world, stay safe and trust that your employer has integrity, then this is a blog for you. If you think people should get fair pay for their effort, and be recognised when they do the right things, then please join in the conversation. And if you like having a laugh and avoid people who call themselves thought leaders or gurus, then you may be at home with this blog.

I’ll try to post something up every week – it may be a cartoon or a link to an article or an opinion piece. It might just be a quote I found that I loved. If you put up something which I find offensive or disrespectful, I retain the right to remove it.

Please consider carefully before you post any religious or political views or write anything that makes you sound like a troll. I respect your right to an opinion but the blog is about better working lives.