You are at least free to whittle your nibs

We’re not overly prescriptive in the ‘rules for all employees’ edicts these days. Casual Friday is now blurring into Laid Back Monday and Seriously Slobby Wednesday. When managers feel compelled to ‘say something’ about dress, hairstyles or body odour these days, they generally put it off for the fear of crossing the harassment line.

A Thousand Months

Another New Year has passed, and as usual, I slept through the midnight hoorays. I cannot be bothered to stay awake to see a clock move, but I admit that there is something about the ending of a year that makes me think about the passage of time.

Manners Maketh Man

A Headmaster in my primary school days tried hard to instil a bit of pride in us by, amongst other things, making us wear the correct school uniform and attend a highly orchestrated weekly school assembly. We marched to this in class order and received prizes for a wide variety of things worth reinforcing.