Turning a Blind Eye

Administrators are currently selling the assets of Melissa Caddick, who parted her family and friends with around A$23 million in a Ponzi scheme. Ms Caddick’s severed foot was found on a New South Wales beach three months after she mysteriously vanished from Sydney. I still find people who are convinced that she cut off her …

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It’s in the Bag

According to the magazine Paris Match, and various respected journalists, Putin’s bodyguards ‘collect his excrement on trips abroad and take it back to Russia with them.’ They are quite literally, carrying the can. At first, I wondered if they had taken the plea made to all tourists, leave only footprints behind, just a little too …

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In Space, Everyone Should Hear You Laugh

Astronauts were once picked for their individualistic traits. They had to have supreme confidence and ‘unflinching bravado.’ They needed ‘ice in their veins’ according to the psychiatrists who once recruited them in the early days of the space race. In the December issue of The Economist, an article called Fighting Fit, described the challenges NASA …

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